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 International Center for Appropriate & Sustainable Technology (ICAST)Ryan KristoffDirector of Grant Programs Non-Profit Other  Area(s) of Technical Expertise: Energy efficiency upgrades, cold climate heat pump HVAC, community solar, workforce development, project management

Description of Capability(ies): ICAST delivers green solutions to positively impact local communities to preserve the affordability of housing, address climate change, and provide local jobs and workforce training to underserved populations. We use a one-stop-shop approach to provide multifamily/affordable housing with energy efficient retrofits and upgrades, impact investing and financing (with our sponsored organization, Triple Bottom Line Foundation), solar services, consulting, and education/training. To date, ICAST has served 124,091 multifamily households and installed 10,169 cold climate heat pump HVAC. ICAST has installed solar and community solar for the benefit of MFAH households and disadvantaged rural communities.

Description of Need in a Partner(s): ICAST is looking to partner with state and local government or nonprofits on collation applications or help provide input on how to serve Multifamily Affordable housing, rural and Tribal communities.


Phone: (866) 590-4377

Address: 7400 W. 14TH AVE, Denver, CO, 80214, United States
 Blue Line Battery, Inc.Nick RinaldiCFO/COO Small Business Energy Storage Clean batteries for material handling industriesAt Blue Line, we're dedicated to clean energy solutions through our unique, patent-pending lithium-ion battery technology. We apply this innovation to create advanced industrial battery systems for material handling industries, revolutionizing warehouse uptime, efficiency, and carbon footprint. Unlike traditional Lead-Acid batteries, our modular Lithium-ion systems offer clients positive ROI in under 12 months and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

We address two major industry problems: energy inefficiency and reliability. Over 95% of the 2 million electric forklifts in the USA use wasteful and harmful Lead-Acid batteries. Our modular Lithium-Ion battery system improves energy consumption by 30-50%, eliminates harmful emissions, and offers performance, savings, and reliability.

Our decentralized, grid-based system is a groundbreaking solution to the inefficiency and unreliability of standard batteries. It requires only one battery per truck, reducing costs and complexity. With over 500 installed systems across 80 US customers, we're transforming material handling power.

Our success in the forklift and automated guided vehicle segments showcases the viability of our technology. With an easy-to-repair modular battery design, we bring green technology to an industry dominated by harmful chemicals and wasteful systems. Our ambition extends beyond current applications, aiming to lead technological advancements in various sectors, including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), or other industrial use cases. By partnering with us, organizations can leverage our innovative solutions to create industry-wide impact, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

Our goal is to become the industry standard in material handling and energy storage, leading the shift towards efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly Lithium-ion battery systems. If chosen for partnership, we'll supply our advanced industrial battery systems for piloting or scale-up, improving efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain. Our technology not only reduces electricity consumption, downtime, and maintenance costs but also meets program sustainability targets, contributing to a significantly reduced carbon footprint.


Phone: 262) 236-6790

Address: 601 3rd St, Beloit, WI, 53511, United States
 Suzanne HemannSuzanne HemannTidal Energy Development Small Business Power Generation Technologies Tidal Energy Systems .5-5MWTidal Sails has developed and owns IP rights for our revolutionary technology to extract kinetic energy from slow-moving water by combining the ancient principles of ocean sailing with state-of-the-art alpine ropeway technology to generate low-cost electricity. Our systems are easily deployable, rugged, require no specialized deployment equipment and can provide reliable and sustainable energy at current/tidal speeds well below industry standards. Tidal Sails has TRL 8 technology and related engineering capabilities to tailor our solutions for rural, remote, micro-grid, and islanded operations.

We're seeking to be part of a project team's solution, or combination of solutions, to bring affordable, renewable, and easily installed tidal energy to communities and islands in need. Our team includes grant writers and proposal specialists successful in multiple OCED applications that can bring expertise and management to your project as part of cost-share.


Phone: 2025501755

Address: 8370 Possum Hill Rd, Worden, IL, 62097, United States
 AlphaStruxureKevin MarquardtDirector of Energy Markets & Policy Large Business Grid Microgrids – Build, Finance, Build, Own, Operate, & MaintainAlphaStruxure is your long-term microgrid partner to improve your community’s resilience and reliability, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and stabilizing costs. With no up-front CapEx required from your community, our Energy as a Service (EaaS) model allows your community to preserve its capital for other community projects. This model also passes the risk of owning, operating, and performing the complex microgrid system to AlphaStruxure.

We build microgrids at speed and scale. For example, a microgrid in Maryland went from signed contract to fully operational within 13 months and we are set to build New York City’s largest rooftop solar array for a microgrid at JFK International Airport while incorporating MWBE suppliers, meeting sustainability mandates, and a union workforce.

Our microgrid solutions are not out-of-the-box and require customization to each community. As such, our offering works best for communities that need at least 5 MW of peak electric demand or include at least one large energy consumer (public or private) who is also in need of a dependable source of power that stabilizes the financial impact to the community.


Phone: (651) 202-6212

Address: 201 Washington Street, Floor 27, Boston, MA, 02108, United States
 CTAF LLCShannon R. ManningOwner/Member Small Business Other PV, Biomass, Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)CTAF LLC seeks biomass efficient systems, clean energy storage solutions, small-scale wind energy providers, microgrid hydropower, and photovoltaic solar next generation technology to power rural communities in predominantly sunny and windy regions in California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Arizona. The objective in the collaboration of clean energy solutions will be to diversify energy options for rural communities, provide backup energy options for rural communities, and start a clean, microgrid power program in rural communities in environmentally beneficial areas such as the windy, sunny, and wood waste heavy (wildfire), high desert, and high mountain regions.
Website: None


Phone: 7752244308

Address: 8798 Larkhaven Trl, Reno, NV, 89523, United States
 Atlas Energy SolutionsSteven ArzbergerPresident Small Business Energy Storage  Atlas Energy Solutions is the smart choice for safe, reliable, and affordable energy solutions. Our cutting-edge batteries, hybrid inverters, and portable power products provide complete energy control. Furthermore, our products are environmentally friendly and about half the price of our competitors! We take pride in our products' quality. We employ 3rd party quality assurance - we've never recalled one! Atlas products are UL-listed and deployed across the nation.

As owner of Atlas and Second Sun Solar, Darrell Rasmussen is the leading solar installer in Northern Utah. Atlas was founded in response to frustrations with inefficiencies in the solar industry. These problems include severe product shortages, high battery system prices, and poor customer service.

Whether you need an active or inactive EMP enclosure for your microgrid, uninterrupted power supply, or sustainable energy system, Atlas has you covered. We provide turnkey solutions in team with other industry leaders, whom have managed over 100 HEMP/EMP/EMI/RFI projects, including groundbreaking initiatives like innovative Shielding Concrete HEMP envelopes (US utility), comprehensive power grid hardening (Israel Electric), and a DoD command center spanning over 50,000 square feet (over 20MW of power).

There is an increasing demand for government, corporate, and utility resiliency with our products to help deal with ever increasing natural and man made catastrophes that affect our national infrastructure and private companies' ability to function - these are areas where Atlas shines.

We seek partner opportunities ranging in scope from a supply vendor to an active project contributor.


Phone: 7209339136

Address: 3058 W 111th Dr, Westminster, CO, 80031, United States
 PATH CompanyAlan WattsSenior Vice President of Engineering Small Business Power Generation Technologies Solar, Energy Storage, Energy EfficiencyPATH is an infrastructure solutions company focused on helping entities identify, develop, and implement solutions that leverage technology and experienced project management to create efficiencies and improvements to our customer's facilities. We are experienced in developing and implementing Trunkey HVAC system and controls upgrades, solar systems, and other energy related projects.


Phone: 6018968506

Address: 5860 Ridgeway Center Parkway, 200, Memphis, TN, 38120, United States
 Avalanche EnergyMichael PratoDirector of Strategy Small Business  Avalanche Energy is developing a desktop-sized, modular nuclear fusion reactor called an "Orbitron." Our patented Orbitron reactor will achieve useful fusion plasma densities by using electrostatic fields to trap fusion fuel ions in an orbitrap and a magnetron electron confinement scheme to overcome charge density limits. The resulting fusion reaction produces energetic particles that generate heat or can be used to create electric power via direct energy conversion. The Orbitron is expected to generate between 5kWe and 20kWe of carbon-free power per module persistently for years without refueling and will not create any radioactive byproducts. The Orbitron will generate unprecedented clean energy density for dual-use applications, enhancing energy independence and resiliency throughout society. Avalanche Energy has also patented a high-voltage feedthrough mechanism and intends to develop a miniaturized high-voltage power module for mobile pulsed-power applications.

Avalanche Energy is interested in partnering with a large prime contractor on a DOE OCED infrastructure project. Our technology is currently between TRL 3 and 4; however, believe that our R&D will make a prime contractor's proposal more attractive by offering to the government a solution that involves the development of a unique, emerging technology that has potential to provide distributed, off-grid power to austere areas. The benefit to Avalanche Energy is an influx of funding that will accelerate our micro-fusion reactor R&D timeline and push the world closer to a near-limitless, clean source of energy.


Phone: 847-903-7779

Address: 641 SW 199th Pl., Normandy Park, WA, 98166, United States
 Flower Turbines, Inc.Jeff MaconBusiness Development Director Small Business Power Generation Technologies Small-wind, vertical-axis turbines for renewable energy generationFlower Turbines is based in Lubbock, TX, and manufactures small-wind, vertical-axis turbines in a variety of sizes that can safely and quietly produce renewable wind energy on or near homes, businesses, and facilities either on or off a grid.

Flower Turbines seeks community benefit partners in a remote or rural area of the United States with a population of 10,000 or less to support our application for this grant to provide microgrid solutions and workforce development for an underserved community.

Flower Turbines welcomes partnership opportunities for our grant application so we can provide renewable energy solutions and workforce development to a supportive community.


Phone: 806.828.0696

Address: 2601 SE Loop 289, Lubbock, TX, 79404, United States
 Gismo Power LLCErika Ginsberg-KlemmtC.O.O. Small Business Power Generation Technologies  GismoPower’s Mobile Electricity Generating Appliance (“MEGA”) is a deployment system which neither fits in the rooftop, nor in the ground-mounted Solar PV categories. The MEGA integrates a mobile solar carport on wheels, a Class 2 EV charger and inverter which generates electricity for adjacent commercial buildings and the connected VPP/grid. This technology provides an affordable, portable solar solution for commercial leaseholders which exploits previously untapped surface areas for regenerative solar power generation: parking areas.
With an increased market penetration of EVs during the coming years, the load on the electric grid will increase proportionally. By charging directly on-site from a solar PV system without transporting the electricity through the grid, GismoPower will help reduce the need to upgrade the electric grid. The MEGA reduces soft costs associated with custom permitting and impacts from setback regulations. It fulfills the need for a portable, powerful grid-tied electrical appliance which can be either fixed or wheeled around freely, feeding renewable energy into the electric grid or battery. Combined with Smart EV charging technology and VPP software, we can maximize charge time during solar generation hours. When an EV charges during the daytime, the generated electricity will directly charge the electric car battery. If the solar power generation is higher than the charging consumption, the surplus electricity will be distributed to the grid/ VPP. If the solar generation is lower than the EV charge current, all available solar electricity will be used to charge the battery and the remaining portion needs to be drawn from the VPP (or electric grid). GismoPower’s MEGA technology combined with VPP software is ideally suited to lower electricity costs in commercial parking lots while simultaneously substantially reducing the expected additional load on the electric grid and potentially reducing some of the need to upgrade the grid infrastructure to manage the additional load created by charging electric vehicles.


Phone: 19412840057

Address: 3364 Tanglewood Drive, Sarasota, FL, 34239, United States
 Amaterra TechPranav MyanaCEO Small Business Grid Microgrid Development and OperationAmaterra Tech builds, improves on, operates, and implements microgrids & energysheds. We are partners that are committed to helping you through every step of your journey. We envision our partnerships to not only be long-term, but life-long. We have an approach that centers community and listening above all. Our CEO/Founder was inspired to create Amaterra Tech through him and his family experiencing energy inequity first hand. Amaterra Tech was founded to provide equitable energy to every person in America, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

If the power grid was a car, Amaterra Tech would design the blueprint, source the materials, and implement the self driving program onto the car. By doing so, we create the grids of the future — grids that are cheap, resilient, and based upon clean energy.

Specifically, we build hybrid AC/DC microgrids. Amaterra Tech’s simulations have found that we can build energy capacity for our clients for over 30% cheaper, using our architecture & proprietary technology. Furthermore, our research shows that our hybrid AC/DC architecture leads to over 15% more efficient energy transmission.

Additionally, we empower modularity, weatherization, and the grid as a revenue source. We understand that most organizations don’t have the funds to build an entire grid infrastructure in one go, so our solution allows for modularity. We can add new components to the grid without the substantial & expensive reengineering costs that other solutions provide. Our grids also take up less space, which makes them easier and cheaper to weatherize. Moreover, we optimize the revenue to be gained from selling excess electricity back to the grid.

We are looking to partner with communities in need of an equitable microgrid/energyshed solution. We want to connect with city governments, community organizations, utilities, electric cooperatives, tribal entities, and more.


Phone: 2014174850

Address: 2502 Nueces Street, Austin, TX, 78705, United States
 Ecogy EnergyJohn GormanProduct Lead Small Business Other  Ecogy, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a vertically integrated owner/operator of a multi-vendor footprint portfolio of C&I DER systems located on the East Coast and Caribbean. With a full software team, Ecogy creates interoperable Commercial Industrial solutions allowing the dovetailing of renewable energy systems with existing business systems. We have a strong software integration strength that allows for data synthesis and generation of unique, well managed technology solutions.

Area(s) of Technical Expertise: Commercial/Industrial Solar, Storage, EV Charging, Demand Response

We are looking for rural communities, rural community organizations, rural municipal governments or rural businesses that have valid sites and are interested in adding a DER solution that integrates closely with existing business systems onsite rather than replacing that business system with a new one.


Phone: 718-395-3620

Address: 1 DOCK 72 WAY, Brooklyn, NY, 11205, United States
 GroundswellMarta MontiDirector of Project Development Non-Profit Other  Groundswell is a 501c3, DC-based nonprofit whose mission is to build community power. We develop clean energy programs that connect solar power with economic empowerment for local communities. We believe that clean energy is a necessity; not a luxury; we’re all in this together, and we can’t afford to leave our neighbors in need behind. Groundswell has helped develop resilience centers with solar + storage in Baltimore, MD and Atlanta, GA.

Groundswell’s approach to developing resilience hubs puts people at the center by engaging community members to determine where and what services are a priority. Groundswell serves communities including the City of Baltimore and the Atlanta University Center Complex and its member HBCUs in the design and construction of resilience hubs. Developed in close collaboration with the people and neighborhoods they serve, resilience hubs include solar and energy storage connected through a microgrid and provide essential services including keeping the lights and the heat on when the power goes out.

We are seeking communities, community centers, houses of worship, and other organizations to partner with us and receive a free assessment of your organization’s potential to serve as community resilience centers.


Phone: 202-240-2985

Address: 80 M Street SE, Washington, DC, 20003, United States
 Eocycle America COrp.Richard LegaultCEO Small Business Power Generation Technologies Distributed Wind Turbine manufacturing and deploymentEnergy System DesignEocycle is designing and manufacturing distributed wind turbines in capacity ranging from 25kW to 100 kW. In addition to individual farms and SME's we are interested in deploying our solutions at scale with corporate customers looking to reduce their GHG footprint.


Phone: 5146022175

Address: 218 Hog Island Rd, Swanton, VT, 05688, United States
 Premier Energy, LLCJeff Cook-CoyleChief Project Development Officer Small Business Energy Storage Solar and Storage ProjectsPremier Energy is a solar/storage developer based in Grand Island, Nebraska. We serve rural communities in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. Our team has been developing renewable systems for rural communities since 2003. We can own the system or build it for you. The Energizing Rural Communities program is an excellent opportunity. We would very much like to help your community to earn a grant and build a successful system.
Website: N/A


Phone: 9707449462

Address: 3320 James Road, Suite 300, Grand Island, NE, 68803, United States
 SLBAmir HermesCCUS Business Development Manager Large Business Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Storage developmentSLB has demonstrated expertise and capabilities in building storage and defining and executing MMV in the US.
We are looking to partner with storage project developers and emitters to build and demonstrate integrated CCS projects.


Phone: 8322783513

Address: 5599 St Felipe St, Houston, TX, 77056, United States
 EtajouleDr. Carlos Fernandez_AballiGeneral Manager Small Business Industrial and Heat Sustainable Energy System DesignEtajoule LLC develops technology and engineering solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of thermal processes in manufacturing and buildings. We use machine learning techniques to drive operational efficiencies and inform the design of onsite clean energy production. We are also developing a flat plate solar collector system with aerogel insulated glazing for decarbonizing mid temperature industrial process heat.
Our current innovation efforts in the machine learning space are directed to applications based on Smart Operational Realtime Big Data Analytics (SORBA) for optimizing operation and maintenance of industrial utilities. Etajoule has a partnership with to deploy this TLR9 technology at scale. We use this technology to analyze and train machine learning models for anomaly detection and generate predictions that can then be used to monitor and control engineering systems. The feature of this technology allows it to be used to optimize the efficiency of cooling equipment, boilers and heaters, filters, membranes, heat exchangers, fans, compressors, turbines, motors. In the refrigeration case, just taking into account the reductions in compression work, we are achieving energy savings in the order of 5 - 10%. In addition there are further savings related to the timely and efficient maintenance informed by fault detection algorithms.
Etajoule also collaborates with Aeroshield Materials, INC. developing a high-efficiency flat plate solar collector system to decarbonize industrial process heat for low pressure steam applications. The intended service range is between 105°C - 200°C. Our field measurements with a 6 sqft model already show 50% efficient solar heat generation at 117°C.


Phone: 7863347678

Address: 715 Acapulco RD, Jacksonville, FL, 32216, United States
 Wilson Engineering Technologies IncOlexiy BuyadgieCEO Small Business Other  Wilson Engineering Technologies, Inc (DBA: WET) is a private engineering company, located in Pleasant Hill, California that brings together experienced scientists, researchers, and engineers with over 40 years of successful experience in developing and deploying of technologies with a focus on energy efficiency, water treatment and desalination, waste and renewable heat utilization, thermally-driven air-conditioning, refrigeration, vacuum and cryogenic cycles, fluidic compressors, thermo-vacuum drying, advanced heat and mass transfer, hydrogen liquefaction, transportation, storage and distribution, power generation and CO2 capturing and desublimation.

WET is a major developer and IP holder of a number of innovative technologies, demonstrated in the US sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) grants. WET identifies, develops and designs and demonstrates integrated technologies, performs field validation, measurement and verification in energy burdened, disadvantaged, low-income, and rural communities.

Our recent Jet Booster Technology saves 15-20% on HVAC, refrigeration and cryogenic systems, while our thermo-vacuum drying allows to increase 5-10 times product throughput, while reducing energy consumption by 50-70%. In hydrogen liquefaction and dispensing, our solutions can eliminate electrical compressor

Description of Need in a Partner(s): Developers/owners, farmers, rural processors, community organizations, tribal entities, engineering firms, OEMs, host sites, architects, master planners, and utilities.


Phone: 4157450573

Address: 3330 Vincent Rd Ste I, Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523, United States
 BioBlender's L.L.C.Cole GravesenCEO Small Business Other  Brief Description of Capabilities:
1. Transportation of hazardous/liquid products.
2. Monitoring Tank levels.
3. Documenting and sealing products to minimize risks and loss.
4. Working independently on remote job locations.
5. Safety Analysis.

Description of Need in Partners:
1. Organization that has experience with the installation of a facility that manufactures biodiesel from used cooking oils.
2. Organization that has experience maximizing location efficiency to reduce GHG emissions.
3. Organization that has experience with location design and technologies (Fueling Station- to minimize risks and maximize efficiency, equipment knowledge for mixing of different fuels/additives.)
4. Organization that has experience working with Biodiesel in colder weather climates.
Website: N/A


Phone: 701-818-0199

Address: 500 East Division St Apt. 9, Kenmare, ND, 58746, United States
 KANALOA ENERGYRuben ArredondoVice President and General Counsel Small Business Other Project DevelopmentKanaloa Energy is a Native Hawaiian owned and minority owned company that designs, builds, operates, and maintains microgrids and other energy solutions for remote, rural, and island locations. We specialize in providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions for communities, businesses, and institutions, including microgrids, virtual power plants, and DER solutions. Our services are designed to help our clients achieve energy independence while ensuring uninterrupted power supply. We offer: 1) Design & Engineering: we offer end-to-end solutions for designing and engineering energy solutions that are tailored to our client's specific needs. 2) Legal & regulatory permitting assistance: we understand that navigating the legal and regulatory landscape can be complex and time-consuming. That's why we offer legal and regulatory permitting assistance to help our clients obtain the necessary permits and approvals 3) Installation & commissioning: we provide turnkey solutions for installing and commissioning energy solutions of all sizes and complexity; 4) Operation and Maintenance: we offer comprehensive operations and maintenance services to ensure that our client's microgrid and other energy solutions operate at peak performance at all times. 5) Optimization and Upgrade: We help our clients optimize and upgrade their existing system to improve its performance, reliability, and sustainability; 6) Procurement and EPC Management: At Kanaloa Energy, we offer procurement and EPC management services to help our clients with the sourcing and acquisition of equipment, materials, and services needed for their microgrid projects.


Phone: 361-273-4463

Address: 180 N. University Ave., #270, Provo, UT, 84601, United States
 Energy Efficient TechnologiesJoseph F. MearmanCEO Large Business Other  Areas of expertise: Energy Efficiency experts with over 200 technologies and process changes to save electricity usage/cost and scope 2 emissions directly.

This includes one technology that save 20% on all HVAC and refrigeration systems in every system.


Phone: 800-344-8132

Address: 100 International Drive, 23rd Floor, Baltimore, MD, 21202, United States
 Beneficial Electrification LeagueAlex HoffmanChief Strategy and Operations Officer Non-Profit Other  The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) excels at bringing utilities and stakeholders together to develop programs in collaboration with manufacturers and research organizations. This means BEL can help organizations with the identification and development of pilot programs for demonstration, field validation, and that are inclusive of energy burdened, low-income, and rural communities.

Areas of Technical Expertise:
• Convening key stakeholders and utilities to discuss electrification and related projects
• Electrification and weatherization together programs
• Grant program management and small utility consortiums
• R&D program management
• System design for reliability, resilience, and safety support programs at utilities
• Electric bus programs
• Community geothermal
• Green ammonia


Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 3625 N Potomac Street, Arlington, VA, 22213, United States
 Celsius EnergyJoshua SobleDirector, Business Development Large Business Other  Area of Technical Expertise: Geothermal (aka – ground source heat pump) system design and construction

Brief Description of Capability(ies): Subsurface geologic characterization, geothermal system design / engineering / construction services, and digital HVAC building controls.

Description of Need in a Partner(s): Developers / owners, community organizations, advocacy groups, tribal entities, consulting firms, MEP engineering firms, architects, master planners, and non-profit trade organizations


Phone: (202) 330-2878

Address: 1 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139, United States
 Loans and Grants HelpDarrin RiberdyMember Small Business Other  We assist with grant and loan applications:

1. Project management of grant and loan application from start to finish
2. Create application template with client logo and branding
3. Create secure Dropbox site for document management
4. Create application plan with writing assignments and schedule
5. Agency documentation of solicitation and Q&A
6. Facilitate kick-off meeting and all status calls
7. Assistance to complete the concept paper
8. Assistance to complete full application
9. Assistance to complete application forms
10. Assistance to upload to agency portal
11. Assistance with obtaining UEI and
12. Packaging services
13. Assistance with application compliance
14. Assistance with application evaluation


Phone: 9563603960

Address: Schuerbach Road, Mission, TX, 78574, United States